CMR Boys Racing began in August 2010 with the purchase, of what would become, the Blue Max Jr.  ‘CMR’ are the initials of both drivers, Carson & Collin, crew chief (Dad) Curtis, as well as the boys’ grandfather, Charles.

We are a family that enjoys spending time together doing what we love. Kim, (aka Mom) loves taking pictures and videos to share. You’ll find a lot of those on our website and social media accounts. She’s rarely without her camera. 🙂

Carson made his racing debut on August 11, 2011, at Paris Dragstrip. He was 8 years old.

Collin began his racing career with the 2015 season, at the age of 7. Thanks to NHRA & IHRA for lowering the racing age at the end of 2014.


We invite you to follow our adventures and hopefully we’ll see you at the track one day soon.